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Safe Holiday Tips for Survivors

Happy December everyone! The holidays are approaching and with the promise of snow comes anticipation of upcoming celebrations. Family activities and festivities can be joyful, but also stressful and threatening. Here, we hope to draw your attention to a few resources with helpful tips and strategies for keeping you and your loved ones safe this holiday season.

These Safety Planning Tips for the Holidays offer advice for survivors, as well as friends, family, and other allies. The Hotline’s curated list offers suggestions on Safe Communication strategies, Traveling Safety, Planning for Visits and Time Alone, Safety Planning with Children, and Self-Care during holiday activities or gatherings. RAINN also offers tips in Strategies for Survivors this Holiday Season, including advice for flights and traveling, and many associated links. Finally, Domestic Shelter’s A Guide to Celebrating the Holidays After Trauma offers advice for finding your joy and new traditions. At the core, celebrating or not celebrating in any way you want is okay. The holiday season is a time of love and joy for you too, and self-care is a perfect way to celebrate.

As always, while these articles are a good read for anyone, it’s important to remember that a survivor is the expert on their own experiences and these tips may not work for everyone. If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic or sexual violence, or stalking you are always welcome to call Safeline 24/7 at 1-800-NEW-SAFE (1-800-639-7233) or email us at We are here for you.

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