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Safeline is excited to announce our new logo!

Safeline is excited to announce our new logo!

This new look reflects our ongoing mission as we strive to end domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking in Orange and northern Windsor counties. As we worked with Linda Mirabile from RavenMark, Inc., a central Vermont graphic design and communications firm, we needed a redesigned logo that would convey a feeling of safety and inclusion for the survivors we serve. We also wanted to show how Safeline works collaboratively with other organizations for a sense of network and community.

The final logo design is suggestive of a quilt pattern (safety, comfort) with overlapping lines (networking) and rounded diamonds (community, people). The pattern does not say violence or abuse but rather is meant to convey a positive image of what Safeline does to help support and heal those we serve.

The new image is dynamic, showing forward motion similar to the survivors Safeline assists. We are pleased that this logo will become a recognizable identity that people will associate with Safeline’s mission of advocacy, prevention, education and social change.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Safeline's mission,

Linda Ingold, Executive Director

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