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Safeline works to end physical, emotional, and sexual violence against women and children through direct service, education, advocacy, and social change.




Safeline runs a 24/7 toll-free number that provides support, safety planning, information, and referrals as well as in-person support and legal, economic and medical advocacy.




Safeline is an equal opportunity service provider and employer. While Safeline’s mission statement reflects that most domestic abuse is perpetrated against women and children, Safeline serves all victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking, including males, those who identify as transgender, and those whose gender identity is fluid.





Granite United Way awarded $8,500 to help fund Safeline’s Legal Advocacy program “Support Through the Legal Maze”. Victims of domestic violence, stalking and sexual abuse need guidance, information, and advocacy with the legal issues they encounter as they go through the complicated court system. “Support Through the Legal Maze” provides vital services including referrals to attorneys, assistance filling out paperwork and accompanying survivors to the sheriff’s department and to court. Services are provided for all victims while recognizing the fact that the majority of domestic violence and sexual abuse is perpetrated against women and girls. Safeline provides comprehensive support and advocacy for victims in Orange County and northern Windsor County.



Safeline announced receipt of a $6,000 grant from the Couch Family Foundation to provide Special Investigations Support, a vital service that Safeline’s advocates provide in conjunction with the Orange County Special Investigations Unit/Child Advocacy Center. When a child, youth or adult goes for an investigative interview concerning allegations of sexual assault, sexual abuse or serious physical abuse, advocates provide crucial support and referral services for the victim and their family. This grant will allow advocates to meet with victims and their families to help navigate the multiple systems involved in the investigation process. Advocates provide one-to-one emotional support for support persons while investigators interview a child. The Special Investigations Unit conducts interviews initiated by reports from the police and the Department for Children and Families. Victims and their support persons benefit from the guidance, safety planning, and information advocates provide. 

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